Our range of Industrial Machine Knives that are a result of superior material selection and procurement, precise machining, and uncom- promising heat treatment, which is at the heart of cutting tools that provide long-lasting pristine cuts and reduced downtime. 

The extensive high-performance range caters primarily to the needs of the following industries:

Recycling – hydraulic scrap shear blades, alligator blades, rail breaker blades, hot and cold cutting mill blades, baler blades, liner plates, shredder cutter parts, guillotine blades, demolition and construction blades, granulating blades, tyre shredding blades, etc.

Metal – bed shears, dead shears, guillotine shears, straight shears, four edge shears, rotary shears, chopper shears, fly shears, alpha shears, circular slitters, profile shears, etc.

Wood – veneer peeling knives, jointer knives, slicer knives, clipper knives, pressure bars, carbide-tipped saws, etc.

Pulp & Paper – chipper knives, bed knives, rechipper knives, gauge bars, etc.